Just a few extra pounds increases heart failure risk

July 25, 2013

Source: NHS Choices: Behind the headlines.

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Date of publication: 26th June, 2013.

Publication type: News item.

In a nutshell: A closer at the research behind a recent news story which suggested that even a small weight gain could have significant impact upon one’s health.

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How big is the overweight problem in Europe? WHO knows!

March 30, 2012

Source: EUFIC

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Date of publication: March, 2012.

Publication type: News item.

In a nutshell: EUFIC has delivered a brief overview of a recent report by the WHO which examines prevalence and patterns of obesity and overweight across Europe.

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UK women are ‘fattest in Europe’.

December 1, 2011

Source: BBC News

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Date of publication: 26th November, 2011.

Publication type: News item.

In a nutshell: A news report outlining the findings of a recent report which states that the UK has more obese women than any other country in the European Union.   Figures released by the European Commission showed that nearly a quarter (23.9 per cent) of women in theUK were obese in 2008/09, when the data was recorded.

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Obesity “worse for teen girls” blood pressure.

October 26, 2011

Title: Obesity “worse for teen girls” blood pressure.

Source: BBC News

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Date of publication: 14th October, 2011.

Publication type: News item.

In a nutshell:  An overview of a recent American Physiological Society conference presentation which suggested that obesity has a greater negative impact upon the cardiovascular health of teenage girls in later life.

Length of publication: 1 webpage.

Childhood obesity and class

January 20, 2010

Source: International Journal of Obesity, 2010, 34 (1) 41-47 

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Date of publication: January 2010

Publication type: Journal article

In a nutshell: This aritcle explores the trends of obesity amongst school aged children in different socio-economic groups. While there is some evidence that trends of obesity are slowing, this is not necessarily the case amongst those from the lowest socioeconomic groups.

Length of publication: 6 pages

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Acknowledgement: Fair’s Fare

Inequalities, Ethics and Obesity

December 17, 2009

Source: Association for the Study of Obesity

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Date of publication: November 2009

Publication type: Proceedings

In a nutshell: This set of proceedings includes abstracts from presentation given at the inequalities, ethics and obesity conference. The presentations include information about obesity in relation to ethnicity in the UK, socioeconomic factors , children’s perceptions, rural inequalities, change4life and gaps in evidence. 

Length of publication: 17 Pages

Some important notes: You will need to contact the conference presenters for the full details of the presentations. The abstracts include email addresses of the presenters.

Warning on Asian childhood obesity

October 26, 2009

Source: NHS Evidence Ethnicity and Health

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Date of publication: October, 2009.

Publication type: Webpage

In a nutshell: As part of the annual evidence update the ethnicity and health specialist collection report on the higher rates of obesity for British Asian children.

Length of publication: 1 webpage