July 3, 2012

 Source: Change4Life

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Date of publication: June 2012.

Publication type: News item.

In a nutshell: A new campaign from Change4life hopes to tap into the nation’s enthusiasm in this summer of sport and encourage millions to become more active in 2012.

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Government plans to tackle obesity unveiled.

October 26, 2011

Title: Government plans to tackle obesity unveiled.

Source: National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE). 

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Date of publication: 14th October, 2011.

Publication type: News item.

In a nutshell: An overview of the government’s “Healthy lives, healthy people” initiative and how the work carried out by NICE and other agencies will support these new attempts to tackle obesity in England.

Length of publication: 1 webpage.

Some important notes: Follow this link to read the full text of the “Healthy lives, healthy people” document.

How to eat healthily on a budget.

March 26, 2011

Source: EUFIC.

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Date of publication: March 2011.

Publication type: Web site.

In a nutshell: In these economically tough times, people everywhere are trying to make savings on their food bills.  There is a common misconception that all healthy food must be expensive.  This article provides tips and ideas for creative meal planning and home cooking, showing that you can eat healthily on a limited budget.

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Change4life:The Great Swapathon.

January 12, 2011

Source: Local Government Improvement and Development website.

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Date of publication: 11 January, 2011.

Publication type: website.

In a nutshell: The Change4Life Great Swapathon website is offering people in England £50 vouchers towards money off healthy foods and activities.  The website provides an incentive for people to make better food and exercise choices and provides exercise tips, nutritional advice and recipes.

Length of publication: 1 page.