Effect of BMI and binge eating on food reward and energy intake: further evidence for a binge eating subtype of obesity.

August 27, 2013

Source: Obesity Facts, 2013, 6 (4), p. 348-359.

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Date of publication: August, 2013.

Publication type: Research.

In a nutshell: This study examined the influence of trait binge eating in lean and overweight or obese women on appetite, food reward and energy intake. The findings support the suggestion that is a difference in the groups studied between liking and wanting food and that there are subtypes of binge eating behaviours.

Length of publication: 12 pages.


Body satisfaction, weight gain and binge eating among overweight adolescent girls.

July 30, 2012

Source: International Journal of Obesity, 2012, 36 (7), p. 944-949.

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Date of publication: July, 2012.

Publication type: Research.

In a nutshell: Using data from the Growing Up Today Study, this paper examined whether body satisfaction was associated with BMI change and if it protected against the development of binge eating amongst overweight and obese adolescent girls. The authors found that body satisfaction may well protect against excessive weight gain and binge eating, recommending that this issue be addressed in obesity and eating disorder prevention programmes.

Length of publication: 6 pages.

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