July 3, 2012

 Source: Change4Life

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Date of publication: June 2012.

Publication type: News item.

In a nutshell: A new campaign from Change4life hopes to tap into the nation’s enthusiasm in this summer of sport and encourage millions to become more active in 2012.

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Government plans to tackle obesity unveiled.

October 26, 2011

Title: Government plans to tackle obesity unveiled.

Source: National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE). 

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Date of publication: 14th October, 2011.

Publication type: News item.

In a nutshell: An overview of the government’s “Healthy lives, healthy people” initiative and how the work carried out by NICE and other agencies will support these new attempts to tackle obesity in England.

Length of publication: 1 webpage.

Some important notes: Follow this link to read the full text of the “Healthy lives, healthy people” document.

The Really Big Summer Adventure.

June 6, 2011

Title: The Really Big Summer Adventure.

Source: Change4Life

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Date of publication: May 2011.

Publication type: Press release.

In a nutshell: Change4Life recently announced its Really Big Summer Adventure campaign will start in July.  Aimed at children, this initiative includes an activity pack with healthy recipes and energetic play ideas in a bid to encourage increased physical activity and healthier eating.

Length of publication: 1 page.


Government to ‘cut’ Change4Life marketing campaign

July 16, 2010

Source: BBC News

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Date of publication: July 2010

Publication type: New story

In a nutshell: The government is to withdraw funding for the Change4Life campaign, with the intention that it will instead be funded by the private sector. The campaign has led to spin off such as Swim4Life and Walk4Life, and 9 out of 10 mothers recognise the brand.

Length of publication: 1 page

Evaluation of the Furness families rambling programme

February 26, 2010

Source: British Heart Foundation

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Date of publication: November 2009

Publication type: Report

In a nutshell: This report evaluates the Walk4Life programme which was implemented by the Ramblers in association with the British Heart Foundation and the Department of Health in Barrow-in Furness, Workington and Ulverston. The project aimed to increase the physical activity levels of children, thereby reducing obesity levels. The aim of this evaluation is to explore the succesful elements of the programme, and to explore the feasibility of a wider roll-out.

Length of publication: 76 pages

Change4Life one year on

February 24, 2010

Source: Department of Health

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Date of publication: February 2010

Publication type: Report

In a nutshell: This report reviews the progress which the Change4Life programme has made since it launched 12 months ago, and gives an overview of the programme’s targets for the future. The report includes a number of case studies of the work done by partner organisations and local supporters.

Length of publication: 104 pages

Acknowledgement: New Documents Bulletin

New campaign launches to give families a healthier Start4Life

January 20, 2010

Source: Department of health

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Date of publication: January 2010

Publication type: News story

In a nutshell: The Start4Life campaign will encourage pregnant women and parents of babies to give their child a healthier start in life. Based around the latest infant research, it will let parents know what’s right for their baby, such as why breast milk is better for mum and baby, and tips on how to avoid giving your baby a sweet tooth. Short films will be run in antenatal clinics and on Baby TV featuring the Change4Life plasticine characters to raise awareness.

Length of publication: 1 page

Some important notes: The Start4life website can be accessed here