Celebrity chefs can’t be blamed for obesity rates.

May 21, 2013

Source: NHS Choices.

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Date of publication: 24th April, 2013.

Publication type: News item.

In a nutshell: A closer look at the research behind recent headlines which suggested that the blame for obesity can be laid on celebrity chefs.

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Lose Weight: Getting started.

February 8, 2013

Source: NHS Choices.
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Date of publication: December, 2012.
Publication type: News item.
In a nutshell: NHS Choices recently launched Lose Weight: Getting started a 12 week plan to aid weight loss. Now NHS Choices, in conjunction with HealthUnlocked, has launched an online weight loss community to support those following this plan.
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Some important notes: Follow this link to access the online community mentioned in the article.

Families fit for life, Knowsley.

September 12, 2011

Title: Families fit for life, Knowsley.

Source: Local Government Improvement and Development

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Date of publication: 7th September, 2011.

Publication type: News item.

In a nutshell: A look back over a health and fitness programme aimed at  families living in the Knowsley area who experience difficulties and and have children under 5 years of age .  It consists of a mixture of group sessions and home-based support aimed at improving the physical and mental well-being of these families.  The project is due to run until 2012.

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Show your support for school cooking lessons.

July 7, 2011

Title: Show your support for school cooking lessons.

Source: Our Life.

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Date of publication: 16th June, 2011.

Publication type: News item.

In a nutshell: An Early Day Motion, “EDM 1816: Practical Cooking Lessons in Schools”, has been tabled by MP Zac Goldsmith to ensure that mandatory cookery lessons remain part of the secondary school curriculum.   Our Life is calling upon all North West MPs to back this move as part of the battle against unhealthy eating in the UK, arguing that these lessons provide children with the opportunity to acquire valuable skills and knowledge with regard to healthy eating choices.

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Families encouraged to get cooking.

March 28, 2011

Source: NHS Bury

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Date of publication: 14 March 2011.

Publication type: Press release.

In a nutshell: Families in Bury are being encouraged to cook more healthily by a free family inspired cookbook launched this month by Communities for Health.  The book, “Bury Family Recipes”, aims to encourage local families to get cooking, using local produce and seasonal vegetables to make healthy family meals.  Copies of the recipe book may be obtained for free from Bury’s Children’s Centres.

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Some important notes: The recipe book can also be viewed online here.

How to eat healthily on a budget.

March 26, 2011

Source: EUFIC.

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Date of publication: March 2011.

Publication type: Web site.

In a nutshell: In these economically tough times, people everywhere are trying to make savings on their food bills.  There is a common misconception that all healthy food must be expensive.  This article provides tips and ideas for creative meal planning and home cooking, showing that you can eat healthily on a limited budget.

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How do consumers respond to portion information on food and drink labels?

February 18, 2011

Source: EUFIC website.

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Date of publication: 18 February, 2011.

Publication type: Web page.

In a nutshell: EUFIC, in collaboration with researchers at the University of Surrey, has published the results of its latest European nutrition labelling consumer research.  In a climate of overweight and obesity, the amount consumers eat or drink is just as important as what is eaten. Portion information is often included on food and drink labels but little is known about how consumers interpret and use this information.

This study provides evidence that when portion information is present on pack in addition to per 100g/100ml information, consumers can use it to help them to use nutrition information correctly.

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Some important notes: Listen to the recorded webinar here from 22nd February.