Is social support associated with greater weight loss after bariatric surgery? A systematic review.

February 18, 2011

Source: Obesity Reviews, February 2011, 12 (2) p. 142-148.

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Date of publication: February 2011.

Publication type: Systematic review.

In a nutshell: This systematic review examines the impact of post-operative support groups and other forms of social support on weight loss after bariatric surgery.  The review found that current research supports the assertion that there is a positive association between post-operative support groups and weight loss.  However, the authors recommend that further research be undertaken on other forms of social support and how they may be used to improve post-operative outcomes.

Length of publication: 7 pages.

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Members of the community signed up as LIFE programme trainers

April 29, 2009

SourceNHS Norfolk

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Date of publication: April 2009

Publication type: Press Release

In a nutshell:  NHS Norfolk is recruiting members of the community who are keen to share their knowledge and expertise of healthy lifestyles with others. Volunteers will be given nine weeks of training. The LIFE programme is aiming to reduce obesity and type 2 diabetes, and has lottery funding.

Length of publication: 1 page

Exploiting Social Networks to Mitigate the Obesity Epidemic

March 27, 2009

Source: Obesity 2009 17 (4) pgs 723-728 

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Year of Publication: 2009

Publication Type: Abstract

In a Nutshell: This article shows that many traditional weight management interventions fail because they target overweight and obese individuals without consideration of their surrounding cluster and wider social network. The popular strategy for dieting with friends is shown to be an ineffective long-term weight loss strategy, whereas dieting with friends of friends can be somewhat more effective by forcing a shift in cluster boundaries.

Length of Publication: 5 page article

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